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Meek - By 100_series - Dainty Thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Writing and Art: Using Philsophic Thought

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Meek - By 100_series [Oct. 10th, 2005|03:03 am]
Writing and Art: Using Philsophic Thought


Here's my first entry! XD barely on time.

"Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." Mathew 5:5

Robert was a child, technically a young man but probably categorized more accurately as a child, who wondered about the way things were, but never came to any sort of conclusions like most people would.

Robert was a child, technically a young man but probably categorized more accurately as a child, who wondered about the way things were, but never came to any sort of conclusions like most people would. He figured that if realities were infinite, then each world in his imagination had to exist somewhere. But none of them were, or ever would be this world that he was living in.

On Lunar Base Number One (more simply referred to as Luna 1 by those who lived there), it was perpetually cold. Robert likened it to the story were it was always winter but never Christmas. Did people really used to care about Christmas that much? Never mind. The fact was, it was always cold and nothing good ever happened. Every day was like the last.

"To protect our dear blue Earth!" was the line of the alma mater stuck in his head at the moment. He tried to remember some other song to knock it out with, but it wasn't working. To make it all worse, he knew a lot of people were going home to earth tomorrow after graduation and wouldn't ever have to hear it again. But he'd be stuck here listening to it every friday at ceremony because he couldn't pay for a university on Earth, and was stuck up here on the freaking moon at the military academy for another four to six years of his pathetic life. He'd be categorized more accurately as an adult, and that was about the only difference that would come of it all.

The irony (or at least he hoped it was irony, he could never remember the exact definition of irony) was that the Earth wasn't even blue to begin with. It was dark and grey, he should know. He used to live there under the black oceans in the only place where it was still safe. Robert had never had a breath of air in his lungs that hadn't been generated by a machine. He thought about movies where people walked into fields and took in the nice fresh air and felt jealous (if only he'd known about allergies he might not have felt so bad, but they were eliminated years ago).

A beep on the elevator to the inner ring of the residence area snapped him out of his thoughts. It was a long elevator ride which was hell if someone was unfortunate enough to get stuck in the elevator and try to make small talk with Robert, who was completely inapt at such things. Luckily he was able to enjoy a nice quiet ride up the rings. Not that the desolate landscape of the moon made for much of a view, but it was nice; and now it was over. He stepped out as the doors opened up, revealing the same grey hallway where someone had made a half-assed attempt at decorating by painting a blue stripe half-way up each wall, the same hallway he looked at every day.

Just happy to be so near to his little haven, an almost microscopic hole in the wall he called his room, he let out a deep breath and walked up to the door. Then he cursed. He left his keycard on the over-glorified night stand next to his door that he so graciously called a counter. Because he hoped he was remembering wrong, he checked every pocked on his stained uniform and through every crevice of his wallet, but to no avail. Releasing an enormous sigh, he did the only thing he could bring himself to do, and that was find some inconspicuous place to sleep until the maintenance office opened the next morning. Four hours from now. When he was supposed to have a luxurious six hours of sleep. The night before graduation. He got on the elevator again.

Three hours and forty-some-odd minutes later, he woke on a chair in the library when a classmate poked him in the shoulder. It was a senior girl, the same age and level as himself though much higher in rank. He knew her name and that sort of thing, she was one of those people who tried really hard but just couldn't be friends with him and settled for the acquaintance title. She was too pretty for the likes of him, anyway. "What are you doing here?" she asked, with a tone of disdain.

"Up until a few seconds ago, sleeping."

"I can see that," came the annoyed response. "Duh, I meant why aren't you sleeping in your quarters?"

"Lost my key."

Her head tilted to the side a bit. "And why didn't you go wake someone to get a new one then?"

"I'd rather just sleep here than bother anyone about it."

She put her hands on her hips and let out a huff of air in an overly dramatic way. "You're such a wimp. Just show up on time and don't screw up alright? You're reading at the ceremony you know, stop acting so meek and speak up for God's sake."

"Earth's a crappy deal."

"Say what?"



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