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Writing and Art: Using Philsophic Thought
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A writing community that does fanfiction and original fiction. Basically, the concept is that every month you take a phrase from a philosophical script and use it's theme or phrase in a short story or novel(if you wish). This is to help give or strengthen the intellectial and emotional aspects of your abilities.

Artwork and poetry is also accepted.


1. Respect.

2. Pick any quote/phrase.

3. The quote/phrase must be a part of the story/art. It can be the theme or a character can quote it.

4. Religious quotes/phrases are allowed and the same for stories/art with religious themes. However, it cannot express negativity towards others and you cannot bring up a dispute over someone else's piece (if it has religious ref.).

5. Political quotes/phrases are also allowed. Rules are the same as above.

6. Mature themes are allowed (nudity, sex, cursing), but at a minimum.


Ages 13 and up. You have been warned.